Thursday, October 17, 2019

Slice of Life

It's been said each novel depicts its own slice of life. How I like that!    🍴 🍞 

The Library of Lost and Found, a page turner by Phaedra Patrick, introduces us to an intriguing woman struggling daily and doing good in the way she knows she should. Her slice of life is overcoming a repressive upbringing and developing into a gem of a woman.

My own children's books, I find, cut life into slices as well.  Merry Tilda's slice turns out to be the beauty of a simple fir tree, green and growing, shared by all, season after season. Wild, Wild Wind humorously brings the strong, mischievous prairie wind to story. We all deal with that windy slice of life here in the mid west. Christmas is Coming, which is my upcoming children's book, reinforces a moral slice of our holiday lives.  If you don't share the work load, you will likely not share the prize!

When you next read a delightful book, ask yourself, what slice of life is the focus of this book?  If you write books, clearly identify your story's slice of life. Happy slicing!  

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