Friday, August 2, 2019

Free Gift

Thank you to all the family and friends who responded to my Facebook post introducing Wild, Wild Wind. You are appreciated! I hope those of you who have a chance to read this book and/or the last one, Merry Tilda, enjoy them.
This month I begin marketing Wild, Wild Wind. My Facebook entry started it off.  If some one mentions this blog when buying a book from me, I will include a small, unusual gift: Another book!

Long before I found a publisher who published two of my books, I wrote stories.  Some were small. I made many of those into little stapled books. Some were full fledged stories that were waiting their turn to be published. I recently uncovered what was actually my first wind story. It is a small stapled booklet, but a cute one. I would love to send one to you when I am mailing you a book. Or give it to you when I see you. Just let me know! And, thank you, thank you, again.

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