Saturday, July 13, 2019


Wind fascinates everyone of us. Wind causes problems as well. On this hot July day, where is that refreshing breeze?

Robert Pierce wrote my favorite children's 'wind' book called "The Day of the Wind." It is out of print I believe, so I cling to my battered and well-read copy. I hope some of you can find a copy and enjoy the story. But, if you want a different great wind adventure that is easy to find, try "Wild, Wild Wind" written by me, Jodi Heaton Hurst.

"Wild, Wild Wind," blows you, the reader, from page to page with Grandma Rose, Grandpa Frank, and that crazy, wild wind. LOOK! It's blowing Grandma Rose down the road. Grandpa can't help Grandma. Neither can Mollie Dog or Gorby Goat. Will somebody, please, help Grandma?

You can get "Wild, Wild Wind" by contacting me, or asking for the book at a local bookstore, or ordering it from the online bookstore:

 Let's get Wild, Wild Wind" into your hands. Your child needs a new, favorite read-aloud story.

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