Thursday, October 17, 2019

Slice of Life

It's been said each novel depicts its own slice of life. How I like that!    🍴 🍞 

The Library of Lost and Found, a page turner by Phaedra Patrick, introduces us to an intriguing woman struggling daily and doing good in the way she knows she should. Her slice of life is overcoming a repressive upbringing and developing into a gem of a woman.

My own children's books, I find, cut life into slices as well.  Merry Tilda's slice turns out to be the beauty of a simple fir tree, green and growing, shared by all, season after season. Wild, Wild Wind humorously brings the strong, mischievous prairie wind to story. We all deal with that windy slice of life here in the mid west. Christmas is Coming, which is my upcoming children's book, reinforces a moral slice of our holiday lives.  If you don't share the work load, you will likely not share the prize!

When you next read a delightful book, ask yourself, what slice of life is the focus of this book?  If you write books, clearly identify your story's slice of life. Happy slicing!  

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Wild, Wild Wind Open House

🍨🍨🍿🍦🍦🍦🧁🧁 OPEN HOUSE 🧁🧁🎈🎈🍦🍦🍨🍨

This coming Saturday, October 12, you are invited to visit me and see my newest book, Wild, 
Wild Wind, at Hurst Reading Center.

I will be there from 10:00 to 2:00.  The address is   14020 N. Western Ave., Edmond. I would
love to see you!🧁🧁🧁🧁

Snacks will be waiting for you!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Art and Craft Fairs

 My books, my rugs, and I are scheduled for our first 2019 craft sale soon. Stillwater, Oklahoma's 3-day Fall Festival begins Friday November 1 at Stillwater's Fair Grounds. It is a large sale in two or three buildings and shows everything imaginable. If you can make it, you will certainly enjoy it. Look me up, please!

I will also attend a Luther, Oklahoma Pecan Festival mid-November and Jingle Jam Craft and Art Fair in Piedmont, Oklahoma the first weekend in December.

A time for me to buy, a time for me to sell, and a time for new friends and good conversation! Hope you can make it to one of these or any other craft fair you want. Who knows...I might see you there, too.

Monday, September 9, 2019


Jeanne Conway, who illustrated Wild, Wild Wind and Merry Tilda, was recently awarded the SCBWI PAL Illustrator of the Month Award for Kansas /Missouri. This was one of the questions she was asked and her response:
8. What would be your dream project? Or what was your favorite project?

Recently I illustrated a children’s book about the wind called Wild, Wild Wind by Jodi Heaton Hurst.  The main characters are swept up by the wind and this was terrific for me as I could play around with the various figures (human and animal) as they move through the air. The locale was in the country so I could use a palette of daylight colors.  It was so much fun to do that book.

Thank you, Jeanne. I love your illustrations
and the way they depict my story.

If you would like to read the complete article about Jeanne Conway, go to:

Saturday, August 10, 2019

My Writing, and Yours

Children's picture books started me off in the publishing business, but I also write poetry and non-fiction, especially in my journals. Last week I sketched out a non-fiction book which will be (probably) my fourth publishing effort. It will be a small, hand-held book for teachers which will be easy to read, easy to pick up for reference.  The rough draft is more than half finished.  I have at least four more chapters to write, and then I will expand on every chapter, before I begin the editing.  I believe I will be putting lots of my personal graphics throughout also instead of using an illustrator.

My third book, which I expect will be published in 2020, is a children's Christmas picture book titled Christmas is Coming. The busy, rollicking "North Pole" story is differentiated completely from Merry Tilda, A Winter Fairy Tale, my first holiday story.

Of course, like every writer, I have other books either in the works or in my mind. If you are a writer ready to think about publishing, I suggest you build a repertoire of at least six finished pieces and another six "possibilities." While you are preparing these, you can be looking at your publishing options just to put a little variety and anxiety in your life!

I'm not expert on publishing, nor on marketing, even though I am learning in both areas. I suggest you explore those areas since you will need them. I am an expert on writing and will gladly share that expertise with you. It settles out to this:  You must love to write, you must write often, and you must be happy (or willing) to edit and revise your work even more than you actually write. And, of course, you must read. That's it.  That's my very knowledgeable bottom line. Bet you're already doing those things, aren't you?

Yes, there is more to say ... one of these days. But if you follow my wisest advice above, you are already in the game. Good luck, writer.  Good work ahead.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Who is an Artist?

My business card claims, over my name, that I am an author and artist. An artist? Well, I certainly mess around with art daily in one form or another. I love art. I even love lots of my art. In my view of the world that makes me an artist. But have I ever made a penny with my art? Maybe a dollar or two.  Certainly not real money.

According to the world's view, that would make art a hobby only. So can I in good faith call myself an artist?

What do you think? Help me out, here. Am I an artist? Are you an artist? Does money have to be involved? Oh, this definition is so darn complicated!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Free Gift

Thank you to all the family and friends who responded to my Facebook post introducing Wild, Wild Wind. You are appreciated! I hope those of you who have a chance to read this book and/or the last one, Merry Tilda, enjoy them.
This month I begin marketing Wild, Wild Wind. My Facebook entry started it off.  If some one mentions this blog when buying a book from me, I will include a small, unusual gift: Another book!

Long before I found a publisher who published two of my books, I wrote stories.  Some were small. I made many of those into little stapled books. Some were full fledged stories that were waiting their turn to be published. I recently uncovered what was actually my first wind story. It is a small stapled booklet, but a cute one. I would love to send one to you when I am mailing you a book. Or give it to you when I see you. Just let me know! And, thank you, thank you, again.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

July 2019

July 2019, has been a jewel of a month but is a necklace about to be hung in the calendar closet. So it is with every month. I still have four days to finish my July projects, (a challenge I accept) especially two worth noting.

l crochet fabric rugs and am finished making them for this season, but I need to catalog and pack them for the fall craft fairs. Every style and design are beautiful and created with love, so this is a pleasurable job that will take me several precious hours.

Sometime in the next few days I will be going to Tulsa to visit my dear aunt. She also crochets, and she paints delightful country scenes on any object she can find. If you have someone who inspires you and mentors you like Aunt Beulah does me, you'll understand how I look forward to this visit.

I believe I can fit in these two sparkly treasures before July moves over for August!

Saturday, July 13, 2019


Wind fascinates everyone of us. Wind causes problems as well. On this hot July day, where is that refreshing breeze?

Robert Pierce wrote my favorite children's 'wind' book called "The Day of the Wind." It is out of print I believe, so I cling to my battered and well-read copy. I hope some of you can find a copy and enjoy the story. But, if you want a different great wind adventure that is easy to find, try "Wild, Wild Wind" written by me, Jodi Heaton Hurst.

"Wild, Wild Wind," blows you, the reader, from page to page with Grandma Rose, Grandpa Frank, and that crazy, wild wind. LOOK! It's blowing Grandma Rose down the road. Grandpa can't help Grandma. Neither can Mollie Dog or Gorby Goat. Will somebody, please, help Grandma?

You can get "Wild, Wild Wind" by contacting me, or asking for the book at a local bookstore, or ordering it from the online bookstore:

 Let's get Wild, Wild Wind" into your hands. Your child needs a new, favorite read-aloud story.