Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ten Small Ways to Celebrate TODAY!

This is the sweetest of days. Share your heart with those dear to you. Share your heart with yourself! Make your Valentine's day cheerful and vibrant.  
    1. Buy a red and white bouquet of flowers.
    2. Text or email a special person or call a neighbor.
    3. Write an appreciative letter. Use flower-y stickers.
    4. Pay a friend a visit.
    5. Paint an abstract Valentine picture. Sketch a red cartoon. Embroider a heart on your nightgown.
    6. Read funny or romantic poems. Write your own.
    7. Bake and frost heart cookies. Buy a calorie-laden cupcake!
    8. Grab your young child, niece, nephew, or grandchild. Sing (and dance) a corny love song with     him or her (or them!).
    9. Rent a romantic movie. Romantic comedies are great. Enjoy it alone .... or with a friend.
  10. I am a lover of small objects. Find a small item of sentimental pleasure. Place it in a spot of honor. Smile every time you see it. Here are three of my cute Valentine's Day Bainbridge Bears.

 Oh, so much you can do to make February 14th stand out.

 Do it!

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