Saturday, February 17, 2018

2018 --- Two New Books

December and January days filled up with editing two of my books for my publishing company, 4RV Publishing. For those of you who have not enjoyed this type of a "job," it demands an amount of time sitting at a computer and a watchful eye for emails just sent from your editor.

 I do believe the editing is now finished for both books. That part of getting books published required constant attention, a fair number of compromises to be made, and a deadline to be followed.

The next part, has its own subtle demand, that of patience. Both of my books are now in the design and illustrating phase. The author gets to wait and wait some more. I'm being a good sport and finding other things to occupy my time. Illustrating a book could take three months or longer.

So, while I wait, I begin letting others know of my two new books. This is the early marketing stage. Every author is the main marketer of his or her books, so the author quickly understands good marketing is crucial. Some authors never manage to sell a book at all, some only sell to good friends and family, and some figure out how to sell a good amount of books. Most authors are writers and imaginers and thinkers. Sales ability is far from their repertoire of life skills or even "wanta have" skills. Nevertheless, why publish unless you sell!

Today, in February, I start my pre-marketing! Wish me luck. Oh, you want to know the names of the two new books?  Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

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