Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hays, Kansas Hosts Merry Tilda

For all of my friends in Hays, Kansas, Merry Tilda books are now available at Impressions Everlasting. 

Impressions Everlasting is a delightful gift store in Centennial Plaza. My sister and I browsed through all the fun items for both children and adults the last time we were there. We found clever cards and a gift book to buy. You will enjoy this store, too.

Find Merry Tilda, A Winter Fairy Tale, at Impressions Everlasting. Buy Merry Tilda and read it to your children. Share it. Start a wonderful Christmas tradition in your family. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Merry Tilda Arrives in Stillwater, OK -- Showplace Market

Finally!!! Winter is not actually here.  And Christmas is still two and a half months away.  BUT… it’s close enough for me.

Yes, Merry Tilda season is finally here. That means I can start promoting this Christmas fairy tale.

So, I rented a booth in Stillwater’s Showplace Market in downtown Stillwater.  Merry Tilda is on display there. Any Stillwater Facebook friends, please get to the beautiful Showplace Market and check out my book,  Merry Tilda, A Winter Fairy Tale, and all the other great things sold there. I love to walk around this store, and you will too. It is excellent as a place for unique, handcrafted gifts.

Merry Tilda, a fairy tale for all ages.  Look at it.  Buy it.  Read it.  LOVE IT !