Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Merry Tilda

     The preliminary illustrations for Merry Tilda have arrived! They are terrific ... and early! Merry Tilda, A Winter Fairy Tale, is my first children's book. Before the summer ends I will share this joyous book with all of you.

     That Merry Tilda.  You put a needle and thread in her hands, and she starts looking for fabric. She might end up with a tiny stitched owl, or an embroidered tea towel, or a crocheted princess purse.  She might end up with a string of cranberries. Here you are, Merry Tilda. A little piece of black corduroy and gold thread. I wonder what you will come up with.

     Merry Tilda, you've been much on my mind lately.  I'm eager to introduce you to my family and friends. Soon, soon.