Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hays, Kansas Hosts Merry Tilda

For all of my friends in Hays, Kansas, Merry Tilda books are now available at Impressions Everlasting. 

Impressions Everlasting is a delightful gift store in Centennial Plaza. My sister and I browsed through all the fun items for both children and adults the last time we were there. We found clever cards and a gift book to buy. You will enjoy this store, too.

Find Merry Tilda, A Winter Fairy Tale, at Impressions Everlasting. Buy Merry Tilda and read it to your children. Share it. Start a wonderful Christmas tradition in your family. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Merry Tilda Arrives in Stillwater, OK -- Showplace Market

Finally!!! Winter is not actually here.  And Christmas is still two and a half months away.  BUT… it’s close enough for me.

Yes, Merry Tilda season is finally here. That means I can start promoting this Christmas fairy tale.

So, I rented a booth in Stillwater’s Showplace Market in downtown Stillwater.  Merry Tilda is on display there. Any Stillwater Facebook friends, please get to the beautiful Showplace Market and check out my book,  Merry Tilda, A Winter Fairy Tale, and all the other great things sold there. I love to walk around this store, and you will too. It is excellent as a place for unique, handcrafted gifts.

Merry Tilda, a fairy tale for all ages.  Look at it.  Buy it.  Read it.  LOVE IT !

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Salt Crystals

Here, judge for yourself... a few of my fascinating crystals.  Some have clear, crystal-looking edges. The reason they are brown (I understand) is because sand and dirt are trapped inside as each crystal forms.

Oklahoma's Salt Plain

Who knows about the Salt Plain of Oklahoma? I drove there with some of my family Saturday, and we dug, dug, dug for two hours in the sand and the salt to find salt crystals. The plains are vast and impressive. Each of us came home with our own baggie of crystals. The joy is in the discovery, because the actual crystals are fascinating but not beautiful... 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Merry Tilda Arrives

Let me introduce Merry Tilda wrapped in a sleek green cover and snow everywhere. The hardbacks arrived last weekend. Paperbacks arrived Tuesday. Tomorrow I hold my first book signing at The Market at Quail Springs in North Oklahoma City.

A grateful thank you to 4RV Publishing (Vivian Zabel and Aidana Willowraven), to my editor, Renee' LaViness, and to the talented illustrator, Jeanne Conway. Thank you, also, to those of you already ordering copies of Merry Tilda. THANK YOU, ALL!

July Grandkids

July: A summer of grandchildren! Overnight grandchildren, all day grandchildren, sports and music grandchildren, eating-out grandchildren, travel-out-of-town-with-me grandchildren, noisy grandchildren, and here is the kicker...growing-taller-than-me grandchildren! Yep. Eight of the thirteen are taller than I am.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Available July 2017!!


June, a busy, busy month. What have I accomplished? Too much yard work, setting up two mini bookstores in this area for 4RV Publishing, and learning a little about the publishing world. So if you live in Edmond or North OKC, check out these two new book shop-letts.

 June ends with a bang! I will have a week of grandchildren visiting starting Saturday, after a spurt of cleaning and shopping.

My webmaster, Melanie, continues to improve this website. Thanks. You're the one I can't live without, Mel!

Last, Merry Tilda moves ever closer to arriving on my doorstep. Waiting, waiting.....come on, July.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Merry Tilda

     The preliminary illustrations for Merry Tilda have arrived! They are terrific ... and early! Merry Tilda, A Winter Fairy Tale, is my first children's book. Before the summer ends I will share this joyous book with all of you.

     That Merry Tilda.  You put a needle and thread in her hands, and she starts looking for fabric. She might end up with a tiny stitched owl, or an embroidered tea towel, or a crocheted princess purse.  She might end up with a string of cranberries. Here you are, Merry Tilda. A little piece of black corduroy and gold thread. I wonder what you will come up with.

     Merry Tilda, you've been much on my mind lately.  I'm eager to introduce you to my family and friends. Soon, soon. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

April and May, Two Spring Sisters

     April. A gentle word. A favorite month name for me. April. Such a pretty sound, fresh, girly, a dancing-in-the-wind kind of song. And spring, you know. New life, new beginnings.
     But April is nearly gone for 2017.
     May is a beautiful month name, too. April and May, two laughing sisters frolicking in a flower garden in the rain. Listen. Listen to the soft music.
     Come in, May.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My Fourth Life

     I am beginning my fourth life, I like to say. In truth, I am starting a new, exciting career (my fourth), and my passion is running high! My books are being published. Yes, my first two books for children will soon be on shelves and in children’s hands.
    The first will be available October 2017 and the second the summer of 2018. Look for Merry Tilda, A Winter Fairy Tale, in just a few months from now.
     Here are my basic stats: I am the daughter of two, the big sister of eight, the mother of four, the grandmother of 13, and the teacher of a thousand, at least.
     I read every day. I write every day. I draw and paint lots of days. I crochet and stitch and embroider lots of days. I clean a little bit every day. I teach a little bit most days. And best of all, I just mess around lots of each and every day. The messing around is the truly important part.